Summer’s done. The institutions are back working, and hence everyone else is back in Brussels as well. So that means it’s time for a beer and some gossip about EU politics at the latest #EUtweetup – from 1830 at Place de Londres, Brussels on Thursday 3rd September. Depending on the weather we’ll either be sat on the square, or inside the bar Stoemelings. If anything changes we’ll tweet it on the hashtag #EUtweetup.

As The Captain is not paying us a visit this time (we hope he’s off somewhere socking it to Orbán or something), you’ll find us by spotting members of the regualar EU Twitter crew – folks like Mark Johnston, Alice Stollmeyer, Nicholas Whyte and I (@jonworth) are normally there, and we bear a decent resemblance to our Twitter pictures!

The formula remains the same as ever – this is a very informal event. Come along, meet people you normally only argue with on Twitter, and discover they are actually good folks in real life too. You’ll actually find rather few of them with their heads in their mobiles throughout the evening. Anyone – Twitter newbie or old hand – is welcome. One of the topics for debate will be #SOTEU / #JunckerBullshitBingo 🙂

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!