We are living in extraordinary times: no matter who wins the World Cup this weekend, the winner will be European!
That in itself is something worth celebrating.

But there are bigger issues at hand.

Together with our friends from VoteBrussels & 1bru1Vote we’re preparing for a REVOLUTION!

Did you know that Brussels has one of the largest democratic deficits in the EU because its 1/3 of non-Belgian residents are disenfranchised at regional level and underrepresented at local level? Fortunately, work is well underway to make sure that changes. In the past few months, the VoteBrussels & the 1bru1Vote campaigns have launched voter registration and citizens’ initiatives in nearly all 19 Brussels communes. To celebrate their volunteers hard work and to chat about ways to improve democracy in Brussels and engage with the bubble, the next #EUTweetUp will take place under the slogan:

Revolutionise Brussels! This year, your commune, next year, the entire region!

And as we have been reliably informed that democracy in Belgium started in its parks*, we will be meeting at:
the pop-up bar in Parc Cinquantenaire
on 12 July from 18.30

*In 1830, non-Belgian exiles fought in Parc Royale for Belgian independence and got to vote in the 1st National Congress that passed Europe’s most liberal constitution. In 1893, Belgians marched on Parc Duden to demand universal suffrage, but that took a while in Belgium for women, for young people and for EU citizens.