September is almost over, can you believe it?  Time flies. And a new Commission is ready to take over with an organigram in true Brussels-style.  Unlimited fun and excitement will come to Brussels over the next couple of weeks.  EP hearings are around the corner – always a highlight for friends of  tedious toothless questioning and long winded answers. Brexit of course is a constant source of excitement. What will happen today? Next week? Next month? Nobody seems to know. The suspense is unbearable….

But let’s focus on the important things in life:

Time for another #EUtweetup! We will meet on Thursday, 26 September at PUBLIC HOUSE, Place de Londres, Brussels! We will be there at around 6.30pm – just join us whenever you feel like it.  ( I’ll be there too– so if you want to say hello, do come along!)

Follow the hashtag (#EUTweetUp) on twitter for exact details or any last minute change of venue.

You’re all very welcome! (Even if you are not (yet!) on twitter… 😉