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Author: Katie

Last #EUTweetUp of 2018

The end of 2018 is nigh and what a year it has been! It will be remembered (at least by me) as the year when:

  • The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect and we all had a million emails checking we were okay with being on mailing lists
  • 700,000 people march through central London demanding a second referendum on the final Brexit deal: the second most attended protest of the 21st century in the United Kingdom!
  • And the European Commission reached 1 million followers…

And with 2019 set to be even bigger, there’s lots to discuss…

So, let’s gather over a drink and chat about tweetups of the past, tweetups of the present and tweetups yet to come!

When: Wednesday 5 December, from 18.30
Where: BrewDog Brussels, Putterie 20, near Central Station, 1000 Bruxelles

All welcome!

La rentrée (also for) EU Tweetup

Short notice EU tweetup in Brussels!

This evening Thursday 30 August there will be a small tweetup in Brussels, for those who are already back from their summer holidays, but who aren’t quite ready for la rentrée.

Start of the new academic year by catching up with the EU twitter geeks and getting in some early networking! Who knows, you might even get to hear the latest gossip on what to expect from Juncker’s State of the Union address or even who is likely to be the next European Commission President.

We’ll be meeting from 18.30 at the Wild Geese pub and restaurant on Avenue Livingstone.

Spot the #EUTweetUp hashtag to find us (if the sun stays out, we may even venture onto the terrace!)

All welcome (especially newbies!)

Brussels EU TweetUp, 12 July

We are living in extraordinary times: no matter who wins the World Cup this weekend, the winner will be European!
That in itself is something worth celebrating.

But there are bigger issues at hand.

Together with our friends from VoteBrussels & 1bru1Vote we’re preparing for a REVOLUTION!

Did you know that Brussels has one of the largest democratic deficits in the EU because its 1/3 of non-Belgian residents are disenfranchised at regional level and underrepresented at local level? Fortunately, work is well underway to make sure that changes. In the past few months, the VoteBrussels & the 1bru1Vote campaigns have launched voter registration and citizens’ initiatives in nearly all 19 Brussels communes. To celebrate their volunteers hard work and to chat about ways to improve democracy in Brussels and engage with the bubble, the next #EUTweetUp will take place under the slogan:

Revolutionise Brussels! This year, your commune, next year, the entire region!

And as we have been reliably informed that democracy in Belgium started in its parks*, we will be meeting at:
the pop-up bar in Parc Cinquantenaire
on 12 July from 18.30

*In 1830, non-Belgian exiles fought in Parc Royale for Belgian independence and got to vote in the 1st National Congress that passed Europe’s most liberal constitution. In 1893, Belgians marched on Parc Duden to demand universal suffrage, but that took a while in Belgium for women, for young people and for EU citizens.

Brussels #EUTweetUp, 26 April 2018, London Calling

The European elections are coming (sang to the coca cola theme tune..) and before that we have the big BUDGET post 2020 announcement.

Join us >on Thursday 26 April for the EUtweetup to debate what should get more money in the future, how the EU should be preparing for #EP2019 and much more.
You can also meet your Twitter buddies in real life.

We will be in London Calling, Place de Londres between 18.30 and 22.00 (or maybe even later…)
All welcome!

Summer #EUTweetup in Brussels: 17 August at the Black Sheep

Summer EUTweetUp

Brussels traditionally empties out over the Summer and there is not much on the agendas of those left behind. So, following high demand from those still here, we will hold the next Brussels Tweetup on Thursday 17 August at The Black Sheep near to Place Flagey.

We will start a little earlier than usual meeting from around 17.00 (until people want to go home).
Should the weather hold, we may be playing with a 360 camera in the fountains courtesy of our friends at @ZNConsulting.

All welcome so please spread the news. And, as always, follow the #EUTweetUp hashtag for news and updates or contact @ktowens.

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