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#EUtweetup Brussels: Thursday 6th April – Brew Dog Brussels

It’s finally happened. Article 50 has been triggered and the EU28 is becoming the EU27.

Perhaps even more noteworthy for an audience, the FT front page article opened with not one, but three tweets. You see, there is always a silver lining. The EU flag-tastic pictures filling our timelines from various grassroots initiatives across Europe also give us hope!

So, let’s seize the occasion and toast to the next 60 years of the EU at a celebratory . After a democratic vote:

We are meeting on 6 April at from 6.30pm until 10pm (…at least) It’s right next to Gare Central (map) and has an amazing terrace if the Brussels weather decides to cooperate, but having lived in Brussels for a while, we reserved the ‘tasting room’ in the middle of the bar, you know, just in case! And, if all that doesn’t convince you, it may even be your last chance to see

No need to register, just follow the hashtag and come along. Hope to see you there!

#EUtweetup Brussels: Tuesday 28th February – London Calling/Place de Londres

Nearly March and no ?! Did you miss us? Time to announce the first #EUtweetup of 2017!

Everything you need to know in less than 140 characters:

Brussels #EUtweetup Tuesday February 28 – London Calling – from 6.30pm*

We start at around 6.30pm* (until people want to go home). We also revive out tradition to make each #EUtweetup as topical as possible:

Building on the spontaneous last week, we have more special guests to introduce you to. Later in the evening a group of “Dutch social media influencers” will join us!

So, make sure to stick around for a while – it’ll be worth it, we promise! The likes of  , and will answer all your questions about the role of social media in the upcoming Dutch elections.

Follow the hashtag for news and update.

*Carnival costumes optional

#EUtweetup Brussels: Wednesday 7th December – Brew Dog Brussels

BrewDog_Brussels_(@brewdogbrussels)_•_Instagram_photos_and_videos_-_2016-02-08_14.35.19Another impromptu #EUtweetup!

This week 15 Polish youtubers, bloggers, instagrammers are in town – so why not go for a drink with them and learn the tricks of the trade? Some of them are local heros, passionate about urban-bicycling and green cities, others are the real influencers on the Polish web, with YouTube subscription counts reaching over 300K. Amongst them the organizers of Polish TweetUps, a female duo of vlogging truck-drivers and a pro-refugee activist, organising the “Walk to Aleppo” during Christmas.

Sounds intriguing?

Join us for an #EUtweetup on Wednesday, December 7 at 8PM.

Venue: BrewDog Brussels

If you can’t find us please tweet to

#EUtweetup Brussels – Thursday, 30 June 2016 – Holyrood meets Brussels

Well, well, well… it really happened. Brexit is upon us. Political chaos in the UK. Cameron resigned. Debates about Article 50 loom over Brussels. An interesting European Council is ahead of us.

Yes, we do live in interesting times. And to make it even more interesting we invited a few Scots from @DemsocScotland to our next #EUtweetup (they organise great Holyrood tweetups in Edinburgh!)  As you all know, Scotland may play an important role in the post-Brexit world – both in the UK and ‘in Europe’.  So, join us for a  “Holyrood meets Brussels” #EUtweetup – and get a feeling for the political debate in Scotland. Of course you can also just come along for a drink and ignore all this Brexit stuff for a few hours…

DATE: 30 June – from 6pm
LOCATION: Place de Londres (where else?)
WHERE? Outside – We will try and get a few tables in front of Stoemelings/El Turco. If Brussels weather does not agree with this plan, please check @EUTweetup for details (but don’t worry, we will still be in one of the bars around Place de Londres!)

See you on Thursday!

#EUtweetup Brussels – Thursday, 19 May 2016 at Brewdog – mingling with @EU_Commission’s Social Media Network

In a true democratic style, otherwise known as a Twitter poll, you voted to return to a more central location for the 19 May .

BrewDog_Brussels_(@brewdogbrussels)_•_Instagram_photos_and_videos_-_2016-02-08_14.35.19So… we will be back at Brewdog ( on Twitter) by the Gare Centrale, following our very warm welcome there in February. Boasting forty beers on tap, as well as wine, cava and soft drinks for the non-beer drinkers amongst us, as well as tasty food, it’s not surprising this place is fast becoming a Tweetup regular!

This time we have reserved the mezzanine level for the TweetUp from 19.00, but we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for sun so we can benefit from their amazing terrace. And fortunately for us, the TweetUp is happening when a whole new set of “digital evangelisers” are in town! The European Commission’s Digital Leaders – from the 28 representation offices in the Member States – are having their annual meeting in Brussels with the intention of exchanging good practices and picking up new skills. If you want to do some homework in advance, you can follow the Representations on Twitter through this list:

With just 5 weeks until the , we are sure there will be much to talk about!

Come along, bring your friends and let’s Tweet Up!

#EUtweetup Brussels – Thursday, 28th April- Place de Londres Café – 10 years of @demsoc with @anthonyzach

demsocTime for another #EUtweetup! This time we are celebrating, and what an occasion it is: 10 years of the Democratic Society! And our special guest will be the founder of demsoc @AnthonyZach who runs all sorts of fascinating democracy projects both in the UK and across the EU.

So, let’s talk democracy! What did we learn from the Dutch referendum? What about the upcoming Brexit referendum? And what other (maybe more promising?) forms of participatory democracy are out there? How can we think about European democracy without sounding like a bored academic?

Join us for a #EUtweetup on Thursday, 28th of April at Place de Londres Cafe (map). We will start around 6pm. So, feel free to bring along friends and friends of friends. Please note, as this is a #EUtweetup, you should have at least *heard* of twitter…

Join us whenever you have time – it is a relaxed get together of people that know each other from twitter (despite the blurb on democracy there will be no speeches!). If you can’t make it sign up to our newsletter and/or spread the word on twitter with our hashtag #EUtweetup!

#EUtweetup Brussels – Thursday 17th March, Place Jourdan, special guest: @usherwood

PatrickOn Lá Fhéile Pádraig (otherwise known as St Patrick’s Day), millions of people will mark the anniversary of the death of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, with parades, good cheer and perhaps a pint or two of beer…

This year, we will also mark the occasion in Brussels with an . Let’s meet at Beers Bank, Place Jourdan on Thursday, 17th March from 1800 (until late…)

It’s another new location, which claims almost 150 different beers on its menu.

Or if you are feeling more adventurous, why not treat yourself to a Baileys or an Irish coffee?! Everyone is welcome so feel free to bring along friends and colleagues! If you have questions or want to know who else is going, tweet us or follow the hashtag.

dietbxlAnd… *drumroll*… we are also looking forward to welcoming a very special guest next week! @usherwood promised to join us. So, come along to chat with him what’s it like to be part of the “brexit and euroscepticism” debate in the UK (he has written tons of blog posts and research papers on the issue). He will also bring his ‘A diet of Brussels‘ podcast to town – episode 138 may well be a #EUtweetup special… (fun fact: Do you know who designed this iconic podcast logo? To find out you have to join us next week 😉

See you next Thursday and don’t forget to wear something green!

#EUtweetup, Brussels, Wednesday 17 February, Brew Dog

It’s #EUtweetup time again! And this time we thought of something special for you. Yes, you guessed it, we have a new venue!

BrewDog_Brussels_(@brewdogbrussels)_•_Instagram_photos_and_videos_-_2016-02-08_14.35.19There has always been a close connections between (Belgian craft) beers and tweetups. Call it ‘special relationship’ or ‘the Belgian way to do tweetups’.  But Belgian craft beers are just one side of the story.  How do you feel about Scottish/Danish/Finnish craft beers? Well, here is your chance to find out:

#EUtweetup on 17 Feb at Brew Dog Brussels  / @BrewDogBrussels on twitter!

It’s a relatively new bar right next to Gare Central. (map) We’ve reserved the ‘tasting room’ so it should be easy to find us!

If you’ve just come across this blog post and you’re wondering whether you should join us… YES, you definitely should!! Tweetups are fun, it’s a great way to meet people. But expect questions about your ‘life on twitter’ and ‘your name on twitter’ – so be prepared!

Questions? Feel free to get in touch via @eutweetup!

Christmas #EUtweetup Spectacular, Brussels, Wednesday 16 December, Golden Stone

‘Twas 9 days before Christmas, when all through the bubble EU tweeps were all stirring and ready for trouble!

The hashtag was ready and promoted with care,In hopes that the next soon would be there…

Quick, before sleigh rides out of Brussels for their Christmas festivities, let’s meet for the final of 2015 in Brussels!

We’ll be at the Golden Stones, on Place de Londres, Brussels, on Wednesday, 16 December from 1800 (until late…) to look back at a year filled with poignant hashtags ranging from , and to , and .

See you there! And don’t forget to bring your friends, colleagues and plenty of Christmas cheer! If you have any questions please tweet and follow the hashtag for updates. See you on Wednesday!

#EUtweetup Brussels, Wednesday 18th November, Stoemelings

Well, time flies – another month gone by…

It’s time for an #EUtweetup in Brussels!  We’ll meet this Wednesday, 18th November from 1800 (until late…) at Stoemelings, on Place de Londres, Brussels.

And yes, we are back at our old location as the other cafe across the square had  already been booked for another event.

See you there! And do feel free to bring along friends and colleagues! An #EUtweetup is not some kind of ‘exclusive club-like’ event, we want tweetups to be as open as possible, everyone is welcome (OK, you should have at least heard of twitter! 😉

If you have any questions please tweet us @EUtweetup.

See you on Wednesday!


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