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#EUtweetup: 6 August in Brussels

So, it’s the first week of August and you are still in Brussels. (Why are you still here?)

Just look around you: your office is silent, the kitchen is empty, there are clean cups in the cupboard. You just discovered that the office printer goes into a mysterious ‘sleeping mode’ after 1 hour of inactivity. A clock is ticking. You start thinking about another Brussels heatwave. No aircon. The phone stopped interrupting you weeks ago. You don’t get much done. Your inbox has turned into a collection of unoriginal ‘out of office replies’. Nothing seems to happen on twitter. And it’s only Monday…

So, we are pretty sure you are desperately looking for something to do. Look no further! Join us for a special holiday #EUtweetup on Thursday (06 Aug) at 18.30 at “The Wild Geese” on Avenue Livingstone (Metro: Maalbeek, map).

We also have a special guest/co-organiser: Millicent Scott – semi-finalist of the legendary EU Twitter Fight Club – is in town! So come along, meet some new people, have a drink and enjoy yourself!

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#EUtweetup: 16 July in Brussels

Quick announcement: Next #EUtweetup will be on Thursday 16th July, from 1830 (till late), at Stoemelings, Place de Londres, Brussels. (map).  If you are reading this consider yourself invited – if you want to know more about “EU tweetups” make sure to read our recent blog posts here and here.

This is also an opportunity to say goodbye to #eutweetup regular @SophiaBengtsson who is leaving the Brussels bubble:

#EUtweetup: 15 June in Brussels

It’s summer in Brussels – so we thought it’s time for another #EUtweetup! We will meet on Monday 15th June, from 1830 (till late), at Stoemelings, Place de Londres, Brussels. (map)

Everything you need to know:

Who is invited? Well, it’s simple: if you are reading this you are invited! ‘EU Tweetups’ are supposed to be relaxed friendly gatherings (usually in a pub) of people who tweet about EU issues. The idea is to get to know the people behind the twitter accounts. (But you can also join us if you are not on twitter – but be prepared to at least give it a try)

Where exactly? If you can’t find us – tweet us @eutweetup or look for the hashtag #eutweetup

Inside or outside? If the weather is nice we will probably be outside.

Do I need to sign up somewhere? No, just come along (but don’t forget to tweet about it!)

Why next Monday? Do we need a reason for everything?

How can I help? It’s a tweetup, so tweet about it and bring along some tweeps.

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