Would you like to come to the Bruges EU Tweetup on Monday 5th March 2018 to meet @jonworth‘s students at the College of Europe? Are you travelling from Brussels? If so please fill in this form.

The group will depart from Brussels on IC 1539 timetabled as follows:

Bruxelles-Nord departs 17:40 Platform 8
Bruxelles-Central departs 17:44 Platform 4
Bruxelles Midi departs 17:51 Platform 17
Brugge arrives 18:49 Platform 5

The whole group will then return to Brussels on a train around 2200, so back in Brussels by 2300. Travel costs for at least 5 people can be covered. Please indicate your preferences in the form below!

    Where will you board?

    Do you need your ticket costs covered?
    Yes, I can only attend if my ticket cost is coveredI'd ideally like my ticket cost coveredNo problem - I can pay for my own ticket